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Hiking Acadia National Park - The Precipice

This hike is so cool for so many reasons.

It is a hike that is only open to hike 2 months out of the year. Reason being - it is too dangerous and also the falcons in this area are nesting and to not disrupt them, the hike opens up mid-August.

This hike is essentially a cooler, longer and more difficult Beehive hike. It's a 2.5 loop hike - would definitely not recommend doing this as an out and back hike.

The hike starts out with a straight up, steep boulder climb.

This then quickly changes into rung climbing up to the summit. It is a lot of steep climbs on the edge of a cliff, so even more scary than the Beehive.

You definitely should be careful with your footwork because some sections of rock are worn out due to the foot traffic on the trail.

But easily this was my favorite hike I have ever done. Steep, climbing, technical and just incredible views the entire hike overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are in Maine during the right time and aren't afraid of heights (or think you can manage sections of a hike like this) than I highly recommend checking out this hike.

I definitely will be back to do this again.

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