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Hiking Big Crow Mountain (8/9 LP 9er)

Saturday February 20th after finishing Baxter Mountain, we headed over to the trailhead of Big Crow. Big Crow's trailhead is the same trailhead as the Northern approach to hiking Hurricane Mountain which we had done a few weeks prior. This route's trailhead has an access road that is CLOSED during the winter - so keep this in mind when planning your trip that you can expect to add on an additional .25 mile (each way) on to your trek.

This hike is very vertical! 1.3 mile hike with 570 ft of elevation, you can expect to climb! The hike starts out meandering for the first .2 miles and then climbs right up to the summit. There's one big final push right before the summit with an open exposed climb and the summit offers some gorgeous views.

If you have the time/want to continue hiking, you can continue hiking on over to Little Crow as well! But since we had already done Baxter prior, we opted out and headed back down the mountain.

A fun, short day in the woods with this mountain, bringing up to 8/9 on the winter LP9er challenge! Last but definitely not least, is Catamount mountain! Stay tuned.

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