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Hiking Buck Mountain - Pilot Knob Side

July 26, 2020 we hiked Buck Mountain in Lake George, NY as part of the Lake George 12ster Challenge. We had recieved recommendations from people online suggesting for a bit of a challenge that we should take the Pilot Knob side route and that is what we did!

The parking lot is tiny - so make sure you get there early because it is a popular hike. We saw lots of cars parked on the road (and its a busy road so I wouldn't personally want to do that!)

The hike on the Pilot Knob side starts out with some switchbacks and a steep incline right off the bat. So get ready for a climb!

As you continue your hike, the terrain gets more rocky and more steep. It is definitely a way to put your cardio to the test! You cross over a few streams but mainly you are climbing the face.

The best part of the Pilot Knob side is the climb at the top. You climb the bald rock face (see photo above), it is steep but provides a hell of a view. If we didn't know any better, I would've assumed this was the summit because the views of Lake George were just incredible here.

You continue up the rock face and end up at the summit, which WOW showcases some amazing views of the area. I know I said Black Mountain had my favorite views - but after this hike I definitely have changed my mind.

We enjoyed the views so much we probably sat up at the summit for almost an hour!

The way down goes quick because it's such a vertical hike, you let gravity pull you down. However, be careful of your footing and to watch your steps - it is a steep terrain and it definitely is easy to slip!

We clocked in right around 6.7 miles, which is significantly more than what Alltrails told us it would be (around 5 miles), so keep that in mind.

It's definitely a harder hike than some of the other Lake George hikes so be prepared prior to tackling this hike. I can't compare to the other more popular side of the hike but if you have any feedback on that side please feel free to drop a note!

Happy Hiking! #5 of the 12ster

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