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The Tupper Lake Triad

I normally would do an individual posts for each peak of a hiking challenge but this one was so short and done all in a day so I figured I'd put it all in one post!

We decided to start with Coney Mountain, then hike Goodman & finish off our day with Mt Arab,

We arrived at the Coney Mountain trailhead around 8:30 am. The trail was snowy and beautiful, meandering through the trees.

The hike is approximately 1.1 miles up to the summit climbing 550 ft of elevation. The trail is primarily dirt terrain, winding through the woods, nothing technical until the summit which is provides a nice slab climb up to the top!

We reached the summit a little after 9 am. Unfortunately we had a foggy day so we didn't see any views - but I can tell this mountain would've been a great spot for some stellar views. Wide open spacious rocky summit - I'll definitely have to check this spot out again sometime! We stayed at the summit for about 10-15 minutes, quick snack, a few pics and headed back down the mountain. We descended Coney Mountain, made it back to the car and drove over to Goodman Mountain (just like 2 minutes down the road).

Goodman mountain is the longest peak of the triad. 3.2 miles in length climbing 567 ft of elevation. We started the hike at Goodman Mountain around 9:45 am. The beginning of this hike for about .75 miles is a paved road - really interesting start to the hike, and allows you to really have a brisk pace down this section of trail.

After this 3/4 of a mile stretch, you turn sharp left on to the next section of terrain. This trail winds through the woods, working you up the mountain. We actually found this peak to be the easiest of the three. The sections up to the summit weren't very steep or technical and we reached the summit at 10:30 am.

This summit is much smaller than Coney but still you can tell this peak would've offered some amazing views overlooking Coney and a few other peaks in the area. We descended this peak and were back to our car and drove the 30 minutes to the final peak of the triad!

Mt. Arab is the furthest away from the other 2 peaks of the triad. It is also the steepest over the shortest distance in mileage. 2 mile hike climbing 740 ft of elevation. We started this hike around 11:45 am. The trail was super snowy and was the only hike that we saw people on this day!

This one was much steeper, you climbed the elevation over some sections of trail and the terrain offered some slabs and some scrambles towards the top. There is also one ladder climb (but it's a flat ladder and not difficult to climb at all). We reached the summit of the final peak at 12:15 pm. Mt Arab summit has a fire tower which we climbed as well!

Back to our car and 3/3 peaks of the Tupper Lake Triad were done by 1 pm.

Our favorite overall hike was Mt. Arab, our favorite summit of the 3 was Coney and our least favorite (just simply because it was the easiest) was Goodman Mountain.

Another 2020 hiking challenge - done! A fun, quick challenge in the gorgeous Tupper Lake area. Highly recommend checking out these peaks, we'll be back!

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