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Journey of climbing the 12 mountains in Lake George.


So before I took on the high peaks, I felt like the Lake George 12ster would be a perfect starting point to my hiking adventures. I live about an hour south of Lake George so it's a convenient and beautiful location to hike and explore!

For those of you not familiar with this challenge here are the hikes involved in the challenge.

1. Black Mountain

2. Buck Mountain

3. Cat Mountain

4. Thomas Mountain

5. Erebus Mountain

6. Sleeping Beauty Mountain

& The 6 Peaks of the Tongue Range which consist of:

7. Brown Mountain

8. Huckleberry Mountain

9. Five Mile Mountain

10. Fifth Peak

11. French Point Mountain

12. First Peak

The nice part about the hiking challenge is you can do it in 3 different ways. The regular summer challenge (which is what I am doing), the winter challenge the ultra challenge - which means you have to complete all 12 peaks in a 24 hour period which sounds just crazy, or for the even crazier hikers - the winter ultra challenge. 

Another positive part of this challenge is the ability to hike multiple of the peaks in one day. For example most people hike Cat & Thomas at the same time. A lot of people hike Sleeping Beauty & Erebus at the same time and the majority of people do the tongue range hike all in a single day (a long day for sure). 

It's a totally doable challenge to accomplish over the course of a summer, and provides a lot of moderate hiking options with trails to make it easier or more challenging depending on your hiking level and abilities. 

Each individual hike is outlined and described in my blog. In total the hiking challenge is approximately 41 miles depending on your route. 

I finished this hiking challenge on 11/11/2020

For directions to the trailheads and instructions on the types of challenges visit


A 9 mile loop through Bolton Landing with over 1700 ft of elevation.

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