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Hiking Crane Mountain (Warrensburg, NY)

Crane Mountain is (in my personal opinion) one of the hardest hikes in the Lake George/Bolton Landing area. It is a hike that requires mental and physical stamina and is challenging in its steepness and technical footing.

Shockingly Crane Mountain is only a 3 mile hike (but I literally don't know how because it feels much longer when you're doing it), but is properly rated on alltrails as a 'difficult' level hike.

I've climbed Crane Mountain two times now, once back in high school and once again this past May. The views are breathtaking, but you don't get them without putting some serious sweat in.

Your hike starts almost right away with intense rock scrambles where you climb with your hands up on some of these larger oversize boulders. It's challenging because you have to really pay attention to your footing while climbing such a vertical mountain.

I recommend when climbing Crane to do the loop that takes you around the pond. My boyfriend and I actually stopped over at the pond prior to voyaging up to the summit. It's a nice little area to sit and enjoy a snack. You can however, hit the pond on your descent - depends on if you need a break yet or not!

After a nice little rest we finished our climb to the summit. This part is strenuous but fun because you get to climb two ladders - I think one small and final big ladder is your last bit right before the summit.

Once we got to the top we sat and soaked in the views. After a few minutes of being at the top it started hailing (we did this hike in May) so we only stayed for a bit because we didn't want it to come down even harder while we were descending.

The way down is JUST as difficult. I anticipated the descent to go relatively fast since it was only 3 miles, however since it's an all rock trails - you have to be even more careful going down and pay close attention to your footing!

Overall, highly recommend to a hiker who is up for a challenge, or someone who hikes relatively often. It's rewarding and challenging and one of those hikes that you want to do but complain about the entire time you're doing it because you can barely breathe.

(side note: I've been hiking so much this summer that I plan to go back and re-hike Crane Mountain to see if it's just as challenging or if I am in better shape and can hike this mountain easier. If I do, I'll update my review.)

Drop a note, what do you think of Crane Mountain? Anybody agree with me on this review?

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