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Hiking Acadia National Park - Dorr Mountain Loop Trail

Picture yourself climbing the stairmaster at the gym. But climbing it for an hour, on the highest level in 85 degree weather with the sun beating on you the entire time..... and you can picture what climbing Dorr Mountain was like.

This one CHALLENGED me a lot. We hiked this mountain after a morning climbing the Beehive but this one was a completely different style of hiking.

We recorded this hike to be about a 3 mile loop, climbing 1,130 ft of elevation and over 1,100 stairs.

This is definitely a hike designed for those with good cardio because WOW it is a difficult hike. It is just entirely straight stairs to the summit, a few short sections of bald rock face and some tiny breaks in the trail, but when I saw it's almost completely straight up stairs - I'm not lying.

It was absolutely exhausting. I was incredibly proud of myself when I finally reached the top because of how tough of a trail that it was. The summit was very pretty and is situated right next to Cadillac Mountain.

I highly recommend taking the loop trail down on your descent. It is way less steep and has way less steps on the way down. The last bit of the hike also walks you along the marshy pond at the bottom which is showcased in my first photo in this blog post, it is beautiful! A really nice relaxing way to end this strenuous hike.

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