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Hiking the The Cobbles via Appalachian Trail

Saturday November 28th, my mom and I headed back to North Adams Massachusetts with the intend to hike up to Mt Greylock. We arrived and the road to the trail head up to the summit of Greylock was blocked off (I checked online and it is closed for the season in case you were considering checking this hike out!)

So after some last minute googling of what hikes were in the area I found The Cobbles via the Appalachian Trail a few minutes away! We drove over and started on our hike. The hike begins starting out next to a small waterfall and continuing on a dirt path. The trail is NOT well marked, so keep an eye out for paint on the trees & be sure to have a map handy!

You continue along the bend and you'll see a path on your right (ignore this and keep going straight) and then you'll see a posted sign ahead of you. When you see the posted sign, take a sharp left and it'll bring you all the way up to the top of the mountain! When you take this turn up the mountain is where you gain the majority of your elevation on the hike as it's quite steep. Not a technical climb but it's a consistent one!

When you get towards the top you'll see some really unique rock faces and formations and then when you finally make it up to the top you'll reach a trail intersection which will point you left to the Cheshire Cobble Look Out and then right to continue South on the AT (to the official summit of The Cobbles).

We decided to check out the Cheshire Cobble Look Out where you wind through the trees and come out on the spacious unique rock summit. It's a beautiful look out area! We stopped for a snack and a few photos and then continued onward to the summit.

We came back to the trail split and then turned going South on the AT. At this point you then do your final ascent up to the summit and is a short rock scramble. You get to the summit and you will know you're there by the summit coin (there aren't many views but luckily you have the look out for that!)

This hike was around 4 miles roundtrip, and I really love the feel of the Appalachian Trail hikes - I will most definitely be back!

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