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Pole Review: Hiker Hunger

When I started looking at purchasing a set of trekking poles and asked my followers, I received numerous messages about a brand I had never heard of - Hiker Hunger. I decided toc heck out these poles, got a set and brought them on my last two hikes - Cascade & The Southern Traverse of the Tongue Range in Lake George and they were an AWESOME recommendation.

I never understood the appeal of trekking poles, I kept saying to myself - if I was able to hike without poles, why would I need poles? Using poles has been a total game changer for me with hiking. Not only does it help take pressure off your joints and give you a full body workout but it also stabilizes you while going downhill.

The Hiker Hunger poles are 100% made out of Carbon Fiber, collapsible for easy clipping on your backpack, super lightweight for carrying, and super durable - the poles were a total success.

I really enjoyed using these trekking poles. I looked into it and the reason that Carbon Fiber poles are the best type of poles is because the material is super lightweight and also doesn't flex on impact - which is important for me because I feel like I'm always hitting my poles on rocks (and everything in between) and when I was doing my constant ascending & descending on the tongue range - these poles proved to be a life saver.

Highly recommend checking out these poles. If you're like me, and have never used poles before TRUST me when I say that you're only doing yourself a disservice - try the poles, and I guarantee you'll never go back :)

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