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Shelving Rock & Sleeping Beauty Hikes

We started out the day with the intent of climbing Sleeping Beauty. This mountain is one of the most popular hikes in all of Lake George. I think the appeal is that it's a nice length at 6.8 miles and is a nice moderate hike - so it's totally doable by people who aren't avid hikers.

Sleeping Beauty is situated in Fort Ann, NY and is part of the Lake George 12ster challenge.

We did this hike in June 2020, it starts off with a lot of meandering sections over some small rocks.

There is a pretty pond that you pass on your loop and the incline to the summit is a very moderate level section.

I found this hike to be a very easy/moderate trail. Beautiful views though - once you reach the top! Again, CRAZY crowded.

After we finished this hike, we still had some energy and wanted to continue hiking for the day!

We stopped over at Shelving Rock Falls (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE SUMMIT TRAIL) to have lunch. This is a quarter mile "hike" out to the falls. Easy for anybody of any skill level to do - simply a walk. These falls are beautiful - I would definitely check them out again and possibly scamper down to the base of them for a bit more of a hiking challenge.

After a lunch break, we found the trailhead to Shelving Rock summit. Shelving Rock summit trail is a 3.5 mile hike up simple carriage roads with constant switchbacks to the summit. Honestly, not very exciting. A super easy hike with not the greatest views at the top. I'm glad I did it, but it's not one of those hikes I'd probably do again.

Sleeping Beauty was our 1st hike of the Lake George 12ster challenge.

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