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The Pinnacle - Hidden Gem Hike just outside of Lake George!

February 13th, my mom and I headed up to Bolton Landing (just outside of Lake George, NY) to hike the Pinnacle.

I've heard of this hike before, because I knew there was a route you could take to get to Cat Mountain that would also incorporate this peak as well. Today - we were just going to hike the Pinnacle.

This hike is a 2 mile roundtrip hike that spans over 480 ft of elevation. So a nice short, meandering hike!

The hike begins with about .4 miles of just a slow steady incline over some switchbacks. The switchbacks are gradual but offer some really nice views as you start to incline. Make sure to turn around and you can see some views behind you!

After the first .4 miles, you'll start to do the majority of the incline- there's only moderately steep section that consistently climbs you up.

Once you hit about .8 miles, you'll start to flatten out and trek through the trees. This was one of my favorite parts of the hike - I love being amongst the pines. You'll also see here, the sign that points to Cat Mountain.

The summit is about 1 mile into the hike and boy does it offer some amazing views of Lake George. There is a nice bench seat, you can rest and enjoy the views at as well! I think this is one of the best views of Lake George for minimal effort - so if you're a beginner winter hiker or just want to mix it up with a nice short hike - this one is for you!

It would also be a great sunrise/sunset hike! We relaxed here for a while, snapped some photos and had a snack and began our descent.

A nice, quick and easy day in the woods - with a beautiful reward! We were very pleased with this hike. No snowshoes were needed, as this clearly was a very well trafficked trails, but keep an eye on the snowfall if you plan to hike this this winter.

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